Welcome to BE Mind Body Skin

At our next generation holistic spa we offer the latest in cosmetic skin & laser services in a friendly, intimate environment. Our skilled, compassionate team treats patients with an unwavering commitment to superior cosmetic outcomes integrating mind body with healthy skin with a noninvasive and minimally invasive technique.
The practice was founded by Dr. Kavita Beri with the goal of providing patients with a place where they could come to achieve natural looking youthful, radiant skin with minimal downtime. It slowly evolved into a boutique practice focusing on the needs of patients who wanted unique, personal and customized and more of a holistic cosmetic skin care. Dr. Beri has a particular interest in helping balance good skin care as well have a regenerative and holistic approach to “Graceful Aging”. She is unique in her gentle, conservative approach making every effort to offer her patients a natural youthful means of nonsurgical skin rejuvenation.